Yummy yogurt from the Excalibur dehydrator

December 3, 2009 at 4:20 pm Leave a comment

We have a fresh batch of homemade yogurt about once a week in our house.  I use a good commercial product as my starter and refresh it every so often when it gets less firm.  Here’s how I make about a gallon of it using fresh milk from the farm:

Skim whatever portion of the cream off the top of your gallon jug you’d like for another use.  Then pour the rest (you want nearly a gallon) into a large cooking pot–I think mine is 6 quart size.  Set it on a low temperature on your range and clip  a dairy thermometer on the pot and heat the milk slowly to 180 degrees F (takes me almost an hour).  Take the milk off the stove, place in a sinkful of cold water, and cool to 110 degrees.

Using a 2-quart measuring cup is easy for the next step:  measure 1/8 cup starter (from a container of commercial yogurt or from your last batch) into the measuring cup and add the milk, a tablespoon or so at a time until it’s whisked smooth.  Then add more milk to make 2 quarts; pour into prepared containers (I use recycled quart yogurt containers from the store since they fit nicely into my Excalibur dehydrator without the shelves in it).  Process the yogurt for 4-5 hours at 115 degrees.  Refrigerate immediately; enjoy when cooled, thick and yummy!!

I’ve just recently discovered what a great product Greek yogurt is for a starter–very thick and creamy, mild tasting.


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