‘Tis the season…

December 7, 2009 at 2:31 pm Leave a comment

Many people have already decorated their homes, put up their trees, probably finished all the gifts and sent all their cards.  We’ve never been that well ahead of the game.  But today, with our special grandson right in the middle of the process, I actually unpacked the boxes of Christmas decorations (well, most of them anyway), and we made our small living space festive for the season!  It was great fun–he took each of the tree ornaments out one by one, and we chose several to hang down from the window frames.  It’s a temporary measure until we find a little tree, but it brought us a large measure of joy and contentment this morning.  Papa had to held the young one up in the air for the last ornament so he could (proudly) hang it up himself!

Then he designated one of the holiday pillows I had made years ago for his own little chair, and we hung up the lovely decorations that his mama had made a few years back, and a fun little jointed wooden Santa that’s another one of my Christmas treasures.  I pulled out the Christmas mugs, dish towels, and a tarnished brass horn to hang outside (as soon as I figure out how to avoid it blowing away in the unseasonably cold wind we’ve had recently).  As soon as the grandson is up from his nap, we’ll put on a Christmas CD, too.

I really do enjoy the season, the festivity, celebrations, remembering just why we enjoy this holiday in the first place.  I take special delight in treasures packed away from many years past, little things that evoke “Christmas” for me.  It seems, though, that like a lot of people, I’ve found it so easy to get caught up in the “doing” of the season and lose the “spirit of Christmas.” Times like this morning have no pressure on them, no expectations–it’s just us having fun and being childlike in our time together.  It brings such peace and contentment to all of us.

Gift-giving is something else, altogether for me.  I put such high expectations on myself to find or make the perfect gift.  I don’t want to give anyone something they won’t treasure and have real value for.  In the last few years, we’ve simplified our gifting a lot, giving presents to children and grandchildren, parents, and a few of the church leaders.   If I’m aware of just the right thing for a person, then it’s easy, but the creative energy to come up with that right gift if I don’t know, drives me crazy.  Certainly part of it has to do with my own desires to continually pare down our lives, simplify and not add to our “stuff.”  Sentimentality becomes a real issue at times.  I’ll blog about all that another time.

In the meantime, we’ll all remember what a nice morning it was getting the house partly ready for Christmas, and I’ll continue to remind myself that we’re celebrating in honor of our Lord, and that without Him we wouldn’t have life or breath.  I’ll remind myself that I’m not Scrooge; I’m just not into a lot of stuff, and that’s okay!


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