Planting Time!

February 17, 2010 at 1:44 pm Leave a comment

This morning grandson and I spent a good hour out in the greenhouse–outside its lower 40’s, inside lower 70’s.   Aaaaah.  This is my very favorite time of year to be working inside where it genuinely feels like spring though there’s still a bite in the air outside.

We planted the kale seeds that had come in yesterday’s mail, hopeful that the warmth and increasing light will speed germination.  Kale is way too expensive this time of year to buy at the market, but I do it anyway for green smoothies most every morning.

So now we have a bed of salad greens (a mixture that I planted early last fall to eat in the winter) there for the picking, and we also have another bed of greens plus early peas and radishes.  A friend and I planted those two weeks ago, but the weather hasn’t yet cooperated enough to get them boogying.  There are a few salad starts (tiny and tentative), but nothing else popping up yet.  I planted a small section of bloomsdale spinach last week–nothing there yet either.

It’s a waiting game, one I’m not very good at right now.  I want to see these vegies up and growing!  With the greenhouse, it’s still a guessing game as well.  I’m continuing to learn when it’s best to plant what crop, and which ones are actually worthwhile growing inside.  Some things do just as well outside for us, some things are good inside during certain parts of the year, and some things excell when they’re grown in the protected environs of the greenhouse.  The challenge is constantly learning which is which.

One thing that definitely works (and makes the whole thing seem worthwhile!) is planting salad greens in the late summer/early fall, letting them come up and keep growing through mid- to late-November, then basically sit (pickable but not growing) until sometime in early February when there’s enough light to start new growth.  It’s truly luxurious to have fresh salad fixings–crisp, sweet, juicy–just out the back door in the dead cold of winter!


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