It’s spring…already?

March 1, 2010 at 1:07 pm Leave a comment

Predictions are for the weather to be in the 50s this week–that’s a major blessing after the tough, long winter we had last year!  Going out in the greenhouse this noon I found 7 little pea shoots making their way out of the ground, along with the little bed of spinach coming up nicely and even my late addition of kale making a showing.  The French breakfast radishes, speedy little guys that they are, are filling in nicely and I’m anticipating adding them to our fresh salads before too many more weeks pass.  A fairly small bed of salad greens wintered over nicely and now are genuinely growing.  We can feast on salads again!!  And then the new bed of greens is coming along nicely, but it won’t be eating size for quite awhile.  It’s always a matter of planning ahead, checking my notebook to see what worked before, and a little bit of trial and error.  Never fails to feed my hungering, thirsting soul.

Maybe this afternoon (after or before short nap and walk?) I can get a few broccoli seeds in the ground in there.  Usually I winter over some broccoli, too, but that didn’t happen this year.  It’s time, too, to begin seriously planning for spring and summer gardening outside.  I like to grow heirloom tomatoes, sell a few, and give the surplus away.  I’ll pull out my tomato marketing plan from last year, revise it a little and get it out there and available.  Amazing that we can be that far into spring already:-)

I’d love to hear from other “inland northwest” gardeners, especially if you use unheated greenhouses for food crops.  Let me know what you’re eating, planning, planting right now.


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