Making Progress on Scheduling Challenges!

June 11, 2010 at 7:05 pm Leave a comment

For some time I’ve been overwhelmed with how to keep all the details of life together in this season.  We’re grandparents of a 3-year-old who’s here most weekdays, we’re building a new house while living in the garage/studio (doing some finish work on it at the same time), we pastor a church (I oversee the children’s ministry team), have a small construction business, greenhouse and garden, raise chickens for eggs and meat, sell a bit of garden produce…

So, today I sat down to lay out some of the elements that need to be tied together into one coordinated schedule (I don’t want to have 5 or 6 different lists–aarrgh).  I’ve begun to identify several weekly elements:  kids’ church responsibilities, financial deadlines,  government reports due dates, bookkeeping entries for each bank account, personal and business.  Then there are monthly tasks–business sales tax report, allowance check and reimbursement check for monies we’ve spent on budgeted items from our personal allowance, reconciling each bank statement, printing reports from QuickBooks.  A couple quarterly reports for withholding deposits (personal) and employee reports (business) add to the seeming complexity of the situation.  Then there are strictly household tasks like meal planning, garden and greenhouse scheduling, home cleaning and maintenance tasks, oil changes, tire rotation, etc. etc.

I’m still in the “think of a piece, write it down, sort it out later” phase. However, I’m envisioning a coordination with my small purse planner and a section of the household notebook where I’ll have a dated monthly check-off list of regular responsibilities with room to plug in appointments or meetings from the purse planner.  One of the check-off items will be checking that planner.

Another part of this “planning storm” is the idea of developing a “Favorites” list for Costco, our local healthy foods market and any other general house/kitchen items.  With that list to check against, each time I’m buying from that location, I’ll at least have a record of my “regulars.”

Reading over again what I’ve written, I’m keenly aware of the very large size of this undertaking.  I’ll have to take incremental “small bites.”  Blogging it should help me keep on track and moving forward.  Stay tuned…


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