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June 22, 2010 at 6:21 pm Leave a comment

Today was again a day of much happening.  I love to watch anyone (in this case the house framers) who’s so good at what they do it’s like time lapse photography.  They move “nice and easy,” but looking out the window again in 20 minutes their progress is remarkable!  Trusses are probably 85% completed (in one day by just 2 guys!).  I know this part of the project goes much more quickly than the finish work at the end, but still…

Finally made it to staff meeting at  church today; it’s not impossible to get there with young grandson, but this 3-year-old is not easily moved from his own unique time schedule.  So mostly I’ve just missed the meetings, even though I like to be there, waiting for the lighter summer childcare schedule.

This afternoon I was actually able to motivate myself to get some garden maintenance done.  I have a couple beds outside the greenhouse with 1-2″ high salad greens, assorted beets and carrots–and now they’re weeded and covered with mesh to keep the quail from eating all the tender young plants.  If only it wasn’t quite so daunting out there this year; the rain has made for a tangled, green jungle of a garden, and I’m not real sure where to start.  I think I need to hire a little teenage help.

Several weeks ago I made a triple or quadruple batch of soaked flour tortillas.  They’ve very handy to have in the freezer, and tonight we pulled some out along with some already-cooked beans, added some chopped garlic scapes, scrambled egg, grated pepper jack cheese and salsa (I miss my fermented salsa!).  It was a humble dinner, not much for vegetables, but it tasted good.  Sometimes there’s just not much energy left for creative dinners.

One excited guy!



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