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Yesterday I met with my kids’ ministry team.  They’re incredible–loyal, hard-working, each having called a team of teachers and helpers around them, supporting each other and the vision.  It’s invigorating to be a part of a team of passionate people discipling the next generation for Jesus!

Tar paper on the roof

The framers are still here today finishing the tar paper, a little sheeting on the walls and building soffits in various rooms to add interest and provide an effective place to install can lights (one of my favorite kinds of lighting).  The guy who’s doing the soffits actually started on my office/studio space.  It has a big south-facing window looking right into the garden and greenhouse.  I’ll have soffits around all four sides of the room; then in the nook where I’ll put the computer and home office stuff we’ll drop the soffit another 6″ to sort of “nest it in.”  Just talking about it gets me excited to be able to share finished pictures of that soffit detail.

It’s so obvious that we’re trading housebuilding for gardening this year.  The rain so overran the garden with weeds and we haven’t had time or energy to do much with it.  I have a lot of tomato plants started, and with some help scheduled for tomorrow (one of our youth needs to make some money and we need some help!), we may get some of those in the ground–both outside and in the greenhouse.  Oh, and peppers, too.  I like “Senorita Jalapeno,” a mild tasting pepper and a sweet red pepper, as well.  There should be a spot to plant them somewhere.  I managed to get 8 sweet potato plants in a bed just outside the greenhouse and then the salad greens, carrots and beets in another couple beds.  Now where to put the leeks, brussel sprouts, broccoli that I’ve started as well?

Chickens are having a fairly rough year, as well.  Out of our replacement batch of laying “hens,” it looks like at least 5 or 6 of them (out of 24, I think) are roosters!  They’re just like hormonally-challenged, out of control teenage boys at this stage, very obnoxious and rough on the little pullets.  We need to make them into stew or jerky or whatever the plan becomes.  Meat birds are having a high attrition rate, and we don’t know why.  Not quite as many for the freezer as we’d planned.  I may want to try another kind of meat bird next year, one that grows a little slower but is hardier.

Still need to work on the organization plan.  Why is it that I tend to make the simple so complex (in striving to keep it simple)?  Kind of a “duh,” isn’t it?  I’d also like to copy a favorite t-shirt, make a pattern that works well for both remodeling large thrift store finds and making shirts from yardage.  I would really like to do a little sewing this summer.  We’ll see.


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