I’ve lately been inspired by so many well-crafted blogs in areas I’m interested in.  So, to do something with that inspiration, I’m making an effort at my own writing for publication on the internet.  What a wonderful tool is the internet!  Like any tool, it needs to be used to good purpose, but when it is it brings life and purpose to both author and reader.

My intention is to bring together several areas I’m interested in, passionate about.  I’ll include making healthy meals using local foods as much as possible, gardening (both outside and in the greenhouse), sewing and remaking original garments into something new–perspectives on the Kingdom (I help my husband oversee a Vineyard church in our community),  thoughts on life and living.  I’m excited to share about my journey!

We (my husband and I) live in the mountain valleys of northeastern Washington in the community of Colville.  I’ve been here for most of my life, as were my parents, grandparents, even greatgrandparents before me.  I guess that makes me something of an anomaly in today’s mobile world.  It’s a beautiful, quiet place to live, hot in the summer, cold and snowy in winter, beautiful spring and fall seasons.  It was a good place to raise our children, and now a young grandson lives here, too, and stays with us while our daughter works during the week.

We’re blessed with 20-acres 4 miles from town where we have a stupendous view of Colville and surrounding areas.  Here we raise chickens, have a large garden and greenhouse in the backyard (we’ll have fresh salad greens most of the winter), a tractor (grandson’s delight), and always projects that we’re working on.


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